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From tool manufacturer to revolutionist. We firmly believe that our tools make our users' lives easier, safer, and full of joy. We are never satisfied with the existing standards. There are many screwdriving tools. But unlike others, don’t believe that tool inventions will be exhausted at any point. We are always looking for new ideas. We think differently. We question. And we are developing screwdriving tools that turn the tried and tested upside down. We have 750 employees worldwide - 750 Wera Tool Rebels plus thousands of our customers.

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  • DYP: Außergewöhnliches Thema, außergewöhnliche Producer

    Mit DesignYourPackaging haben wir uns auf eine kühne Konstellation eingelassen: Innovatives, herausforderndes Thema und eine spannende Erwartungshaltung. 😯 Was wurde daraus?

  • Let's Celebrate...

    You & Us, Love & Passion, Courage & Creativity, Greatness & Opportunities, This Year & Jesus’ Birthday! Merry Blessed Christmas & A Happy New Year, Rockers! 😍 🤩

  • Wera – Watch Greatness – Again!

    Das war die zweite Kampagne von Wera und ihr, liebe Freunde, habt sie erneut mit Pauken und Trompeten gerockt! 🤩 Unfassbar! Aber großartig!